Project Reference Number: 613613-EPP-2019-1-TR-SPO-SSCP
Funded Action: Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborative Partnership
Project Eligibility Period: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2021
Project Budget: 57.775 EUR


Contemporary society is marked by high complexity, uncertainty and rapid changes and young people represent a highly vulnerable population. Sport is commonly intended as a privileged educative setting, a sort of universal language that can unite people and can be beneficial for social cohesion and inclusion. By taking into consideration of this feature of sport has important key roles to promote and protect amateur and professional athletes all around the world.

In this project we aim to educate young athletes to protect themselves from health and safety hazards during their career in sports and to adapt this awareness throughout their lives.

The Olympic Charter establishes the values an athlete should possess. We are aiming to reach as many young athletes as possible and teach them these values. On the other hand; Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life-based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.In order to reach to a level of society with people respecting themselves and each other we should start giving this line of education to youngsters of 12 to 16 years of age which is the target group in our project.

In order to respect themselves they should possess ethical standards, they should eat healty food which will directly affect their athletic performance as well as their life standards. They should definitely avoid drugs and doping materials.They should learn to respect their opponents and accept losses maturely. They should continue their basic and intellectual education besides sports.


To educate young athletes to protect themselves from health and safety hazards by providing open space for them to internalize Olympic Values and Sport Ethics through Basketball.


  • To reach as many young athletes (12-16 years old) as possible to make Olympic values as core principles of their lives.
  • To reach to better and ethic societies by giving a chance to youngsters to be role models to next generations through sportive and educational based activities.
  • To create the Value-based Training Course Module for sport coaches and physical education teachers to focus more on value-oriented sport activities.
  • To stimulate the contact-sharing activities and interactive sport methods among NGOs, CSOs, Sports Clubs, Sports organizations, public institutions.



Turkish Sports Foundation (TSF)  is the Coordinator Organization of Our Project. 

Turkish Sports Foundation is one of the predominant Sports Foundation’s in Turkey which is working since 1974 to improve the quality of sport, spreading the sport values to the players who are active part of sport and each individual who are indirectly effected by sport. Foundation is actively working and organizing events at local and national level to make the sports meet with various target groups. Foundation has been established in order to promote sports ethics and Olympic values at national & international level. Within the philosophy of “Sports for All”, we have organized many seminars, trainings and workshops.

Within the experience of 45 years, Foundation has engaged with a lot of practises in the field. Specifically, Foundation uses Sport and Sport Methodologies as effective tools to increase the soft skills of disadvantaged groups such as immigrants, refugees, kids with fewer opportunities. Beside the empowerment aspect of sport, Foundation has provided sportive activities which gives citizens the sense of solidarity. Turkish Sports Foundation has been established under the roof of Turkish National Olympic Committee. National scale Sport Events of Foundation and the meetings regarding to these arrangements are monitored by Turkish National Olympic Committee. Foundation is in cooperation with various Sports Clubs, Sport NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Universities, Public Bodies and Institutions. 

Beside the sportive activities with various target groups, Foundation has been running for Sports Culture and Olympic Education Project. This project has provided chance to secondary and high school students to learn more about sportive values and Olympic values through implementing various education and sport activities. One of main activity of Foundation is organizing swimming races. Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race and TROYA Open Sea Swimming Race are two international level swimming competitions which are held in 2018.


Siauliai Juliaus Janonio Gymnasium, located in Siauliai, the fourth largest city in Lithuania, is a state co-educational general secondary education school. 600 students are enrolled, 60 members of teaching staff are committed to developing knowledgeable and caring young people. For many years the Gymnasium is one of the best in the whole country by it‘s students results in sports. Last year Gymnasium became the winner of Lithuanian School Games. In year 2019 Julius Janonio Gymnasium was recognised by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee as the best Olympic educational institution with the best teachers in the whole country. The school has participated in the international projects such as:International Erasmus+ project “Tolerance – Our Common Language” (Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey); International Erasmus+ project “Professional Guidance in Changing Society” (Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey); International Student Mobility Project “Youth in Europe” (Germany); International Erasmus+ project “Great Distance – No Gap” (Italy, Lithuania).


Bayrampaşa Sports Club has been established in 1959 with the aim of involving the society more in to the Sport and since than its working with the philosophy of “ Sport for Everyone” . Under the club there are 5 categories of Sport which are Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis and Athletic. Club has been registered as a Civil Society organisation. BSK is in constant cooperation with Bayrampaşa Municipality on struggle with dangerous products, drug, alcohol and tobacco using among young people. Beside, Bayrampaşa is one the districts which’s roots are coming from Balkan immigrants and it brings to this district multi-cultural corporate identity since first people are starting to move to this place. Bayrampaşa Sports Club has 6 sport facilities which are open for the usage of local people and 5 different sport branches are implemented in these facilities. Beside its professional and amateur level sport activities; Bayrampaşa Sports Club is actively taking iniatives to empower young people, disadvantaged groups and their families, immigrants and disable people through various social-responsibility projects which are created and lead by BSK supporters. All these social responsibility works are coordinated through committees: Local Volunteering Committee, Sportive Activities Committee, Struggle with Bad Habits Committee.

BK KLATOVY (Czechia)

BK Klatovy (Registrated Civic Association – Sport Club) ranks among 4 largest basketball clubs in the Czech Republic. The club had 14 teams participating in official CBF competitions during 2017 – 18 season. The club´s main aim is to develop youth basketball from the very bottom of the age pyramid. At the moment there are 7 pre-basketball preparation programs at each school in Klatovy as well as in 3 surrounding towns – Janovice, Měčín and Švihov. In order to provide the highest level of coaching for its youth the club tries to involve as many former club´s players as possible to whom in turn it tries to provide the best available level of coaching education and preparation. Thanks to this approach the club has been able to raise the local talent to level of youth national teams, both boys and girls, and also few senior level league players. The club does not focus solely on numbers, wins and losses but we try to look at complex educational process of our players. We believe sport to be an ideal way how to familiarize youth with the concept of hard and patient work that always pays off in the long run.


The European Outsourcing Institute Foundation was founded in 2011 in Orzesze. Its main area of interest is Poland, but the foundation effectively operates at international level. Key Activities: Entrepreneurship (problems of unemployment and employability among young/adult people, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, etc.) Experiential Learning – as one of the leading methodologies used in non-formal education. The topic include also development/usage of various types of games for education. Civic Society Development – especially among youth, with involvement possibly whole range of the stakeholders, within the area of youth city councils and also senior city councils. Cross-sectoral cooperation – the foundation develops contacts and cooperation with various institutions at local, regional and international level. FEIO strives to be an organization that uses its opportunities in international cooperation to involve institutions operating at the local level in activities of a broadernature.

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