The Turkish Sports Foundation paid tribute to the key persons who contributed to the outstanding success of its first Erasmus+ Sports Projects !

Two Erasmus+ Sport Projects Coordinated and as a Partner participated by Turkish Sports Foundation for two years; the Projects have resulted in highly successful indicators, leaving behind the final evaluation process carried out by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

We would like to express our gratitude to especially our Projects Director Dr. Hamit Emir TURAM; Mehmet Volkan Müderrisoğlu with whom we enjoyed working together during the implementation process of the Projects; İlknur DİNÇ; Zeynep ÖZTÜRK; and our Volunteer Team Büşra ÖZER; Muhammed Yusuf BEKERECİOĞLU; Doğukan ERBEK; Melis CANGÖZ; Ahmet Miraç ARSLAN and Arda YALÇIN who best represented the cooperation process of the Turkish Sports Foundation with 10 European countries in both of our Projects for their valueable contributions.

We would like to thank who created value in our Projects, Zeynep SEZERMAN; who President of FMV IŞIK Schools Sports Club; Seçkin Renklibay who Secretary General of the Turkish Swimming Federation; Ahmet Münir GÖKMEN who Vice President of Wheelchair Federation; Turhan KORAY who the National Basketball Player added unforgettable values to Turkish Sports and who has recently assumed the President of Beşiktaş Sports Club Basketball Group; Ayşe KAMALI who Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Education, Social and Cultural Activities Branch Manager; Ali CAN Coach who Director of the Swimming National Team who does one-on-one field work with the youth and infrastructure athletes who is the target audience of our Project; Utku İSKİT Coach; Ömer Faruk AKARİ Coach; Nihal BALTO Coach and Metin YILMAZ Coach.

We would like to thank each and every one of our participants who participated in the Fact Finding Conference, which we held on behalf of the public, non-governmental society and sports sectors to identify health and safety threats targeting infrastructure athletes.

We would like to thank for the ‘Generations with Olympic Identities’ Interview to Necati GÜLER – Muratcan GÜLER and Sinan GÜLER; and to Gizem GİRİŞMEN for her Interview with the theme of ‘Athletes with Olympic Identities’.