Project Results & Outputs

Our project’s overall aim was to educate young athletes on the principles of the Olympic charter and Sport Ethics and raise their Awareness of Olympic values to help the young athlete to become a better person and a role model for the society. This education together with correct and sufficient training, adequate and correct nutrition and an open mind would contribute to the young athlete to have a healthier and more rewarding sports career.

In the light of this approach, the reached impacts were:

– The number of Sport Coaches and Sport Trainers who actively participated in the project phases- 20 from 4 Countries,

– The Number of young athletes between 12-16 years old who participated in Local Sport Activities- 191 in 4 Countries,

– The Number of young athletes who participated in Youth Mobility in Turkey- 42 from 4 Countries,

– The number of Participants to whom the project results were disseminated through international conferences in Lithuania and Turkey – 120 and 145 more through local seminars)

Participating organisations have;

– Enhanced cooperation with relevant stakeholders from public-civil-sport sectors through the implementation of project activities,

– Gotten more expertise in European projects cooperation, especially in the scope of sport (and protecting young athletes from health and safety hazards),

– developed and enhanced long-term relations with partners and potential to extend it for further initiatives,

– Gotten wider knowledge about European trends in sport and values education,

– Gotten the chance to enhance their local partner network in the topic of sport and Olympic education,

Staff of the partner organisations have:

– Gotten more experience in the field of youth sport with emphasis on Olympic Values and Sport Ethics,

– Gotten more experience in coordination of transnational projects, especially funded by European Commission,

Participants of the International Conferences in Turkey and Lithuania have

– Gotten a chance to get informed and to taste the project outcomes,

– Gotten access to the project consortium as potential partners for implementation of the sport policy, especially in the scope of the sport and physical activities,

– Gotten information on opportunities of Erasmus+ programs,

Young Athletes have:

– Reached a chance to share their needs and expectations in the field of sport and physical activities,

– Gotten a chance to take part in the local sport implementations of project activities,

– 42 of them have received the Certificate of Attendance in Istanbul,

– Lead the awareness campaigns to define Olympic Values for their peers,

With the creation of the Project Website, which is directly connected with the project frame which contains mostly international activities followed by the local implementations, the impact of the project will remain in local and European level.

Local/Regional Level impact of our project is;

– Enhancing intersectoral cooperation in the creation and implementation of Olympic Values and Sport Ethics,

– Increasing interest in the Erasmus+ program (especially as opportunity for Sport Coaches and Sport Trainers) at the local level through local cooperation and organization of events,

– Creating an opportunity to start international cooperation in the further projects for local sport clubs active in the project as local partners,

As the concrete outputs of our project;

1. Values-Based Training Module for Coaches was created with thematic and practical aspects to support coaches/trainers in their further studies,

2. Project Movie was made to spread the impact of long-term collaboration at European level,

3. Project Website was built to sustain the Olympic Values and Sport Ethics emphasis in sport field to protect young athletes from safety and health hazards.